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Bubble Garden by Foam Homies

Elevate Your Special Event with Bubbles!

What is a
Bubble Party?

Imagine a spacious area filled with bubbles of all sizes, creating an enchanting atmosphere of awe, smiles, and giggles. Our Bubble Garden brings this magical experience to life, making any event unforgettable.

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Complete Setup and Management

We bring professional-grade bubble machines that fill your event area with millions of bubbles within minutes. Our bubble machines use a super-concentrated bubble solution to ensure maximum fun.

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Stress-Free Experience

Your dedicated bubbleologist will handle everything, from setup to takedown, so you can relax and enjoy the party.

HappyBubbles_bubble wands.png

Interactive Fun

Guests of all ages can enjoy creating bubbles using our assortment of bubble wands and play toys. The bubble stations include refill stations, ensuring the fun never stops.

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Our bubble garden is designed to be sensory-friendly and is suitable for all age groups, including adults.

Elevate Your Event

Enhance your event with the joy and wonder of a bubble garden. This mess-free, engaging activity will leave a lasting impression on your guests, creating memories filled with smiles and laughter.
Book our Bubble Garden experience today and bring the magic of bubbles to your next special event!

Bubble Party Packages

We cover travel within the first 30-mile round trip from ZIP code 47802 at no additional cost.

A travel fee of $2 per mile applies beyond the initial 30 miles.

Our package is ideal for private parties and daycares, accommodating up to 40 guests. It includes:

  • Professional-grade bubble machines

  • Assortment of bubble wands and supplies

  • Full event setup and takedown by your bubbleologist

  • Interactive and sensory-friendly bubble experience

ADD MORE TIME FOR $200 per hour

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